Environmental Objectives

We recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment and seek to minimise this as much as possible during our day to day operations. Recyclability and sustainability are major considerations when selecting Suppliers and Products for example when using timber we make sure its from a FSC or PEFC registered source. Glass and Aluminium account for over 90% of the materials we fabricate in our factorys, both of which are almost 100% recyclable. We ensure that any off-cuts or breakages are recycled, including aluminium swarf which is swept up and collected from the floor in each of our three factory’s. To reduce the amount of unnecessary energy consumption in our factory’s and on site we also have regular review meetings to discuss and improve our processes.

Dortechs Environmental Impact Model

Structural Glazing Specialists

Our Environmental Impact

The primary factors affecting our environment are the products we use every day and the resources associated with their creation, use, re-use and disposal. In order to control and improve our environmental performance, we understand that we need to change the culture within the business and outside it. Embedding our values, sharing ideas and aligning thinking with our stakeholders (Employees, Customer, Suppliers and Local Community) will help us achieve this.

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