Hybrid Timber Door

aluminium entrance doorsDortechs Robust Hybrid Door has proven a very popular product since its launch. Dortech are happy to offer this as a supply only or supply and fit product.

The Dortechs Hybrid Doors are manufactured utilising multi-point locking ironmongery and specially selected handles to an incredibly high quality and are available in as little as three weeks.

The aluminium exterior gives a solid, hardwearing external face to the window that is extremely durable. It’s ideal for locations that are hard to reach for maintenance (e.g. flats) or where the time and cost of maintenance are a burden (e.g. schools).

The durability of the aluminium window exterior makes the Hybrid a popular choice in locations where weather conditions are particularly harsh, such as seaside locations.

The wooden interior is made from spruce exported from Germany. Spruce is the ideal tree for harvesting sustainable timber for building products as it grows very straight, (relatively) quickly and has few branches on the lower trunk (meaning fewer knots in the finished product). For every tree our supplier harvests, they plant another five.