MODAL Glazing Systems

MODAL Glazing SystemsComprehensive Range of Module Options

MODAL is a highly engineered modular framing system, which has a comprehensive range of options, including the first fully integrated opening vents for low rise glazing, allowing architects to create design-orientated, energy-efficient solutions for combinations of:

-Single, double or triple glazed units
-Fixed lights
-Fully integrated opening vents
-Integrated sliding door and window system
-Infill panels

Innovative Design Detailing

-Modular construction – the design allows the framing modules to be fully fabricated off site
-Cost effective – the transom and mullion design optimises performance and cost efficiency
-New build and refurbishment – the standard 100mm module can be adapted to 115mm for refurbishment projects
-Thermal efficiency – a highly efficient 30mm polyamide thermal break
-Exceeding Building Regulations – the system is pressure equalised, designed to optimise weather performance, and can exceed current Building Regulations
-Spans – the mullions can span up to two storeys with a wind loading of up to 1200 Pa and transom spans up to 2m
-Loadings – a 100kg load can be achieved with a 1m transom
-Integrated vent options – a specially designed module allows open-in and open-out vents to be inserted into the MODAL frame, whilst maintaining consistent 65mm mullion sight lines across the range
-Full system compatibility – with Technal√Ęs FXi windows, CD and PXi commercial doors
-Curtain walling standards – MODAL is fully tested to BS EN curtain walling standards