Parallel Opening Vent

Parallel Opening Vent

Dortechs Parallel Opening Vent pushes outwards from inside the building in a straight line, giving a full perimeter apeture. This vent acheieves excellent levels of ventilation and is ideally suited to the environments Dortech regularly works in (Schools, Hospitals, Offices and Retail Environments). The window pictured left includes engineered, timber, parklex boarding set into a curtain wall grid, finished in a metallic grey coating. The vent has been structurally bonded to offer a frameless appearance.

The key features of our parallel opening window include:

1) A significant improvement in ventilation compared with traditional solutions. To achieve similar performance using top hung vents for instance would require more opening vents with a consequential increase in costs incurred.

2) Reduced sight lines if framed or no sight line at all if the glass is structurally bonded to the vent frame.

3) An improvement in thermal performance of the framework providing less heat loss.

4) No movement of the window or vent into the room, thus saving space and reducing internal disruption.

5) Vent sizes of up to 2m x 1.5m can be achieved exceeding the capabilities of other types of system.

6) The window movement can only be achieved through dual handle operation, so there are no finger trap issues. The vent is smooth, obvious and safe to operate.

7) When in an open position, there is no loss of glass performance.

8) Efficient night time cooling can be achieved by linking the window to the building management system with opening spandrel zones glazed with insulated panels.

This window has successfully been tested to BS6375-1 2009. A copy test report is available, together with a ventilation comparison report from Arups on request.

These introductory points give an indication of the significant performance of this window. Please contact us for further information and details.