Trame Curtain Walling(NBs: h11)

Trame Curtain Walling(NBs: h11)

Dortechs Trame systems can either be applied vertically or horizontally. The systems are generally specified when building designers wish to create enhanced vertical or horizontal emphasis in a curtain wall screen. This is achieved in the following ways:

Trame Horizontale: An aerofoils external face cap is applied to all horizontal sections of the curtain wall screen. This cap generally extends 80mm out from the glass face. Further extension is made possible with extension pieces. Vertically, the face caps are removed and replaced with either a flush fitted gasket or silicone application.

Trame Verticale: This curtain wall system works on the same basis as Trame Horizontale however the emphasis is placed on the vertical sections which have a aerofoil face caps instead of silicone/gasket. The horizontale sections have either silicone or a flush fitted gasket applied to them.

Dortech has Considerable Experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Installing the Following Trame Curtain Wall Systems:

  • Technal MX Trame Horizontale
  • Technal MX Trame Verticale
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